Monday, December 28, 2009

Nicole and Cory....A Christmas Wedding!

Such a beautiful day! Christmas is such a special day to begin with and to shoot a wedding on Boxing Day was so much fun! It was a lovely day for Cory and Nicole....the weather was fine, the venues were amazing. I love shooting at St. Joseph's Basilica and the Hotel Mac...those are two of our favorite places to classic. Classic beauty is a great way to describe Nicole too...she looks stunning here!
Our last wedding of! We are so thrilled to be in this business and busy all year long. David and I love that people choose us to shoot their weddings. Nicole told us when we met that she just knew we were the photographer's for her wedding. I love to hear that! Thank you Nicole and Cory for choosing us to be a part of your amazing day!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Genuis Family

The Genuis Family winter photo shoot! This was so much fun...what a wonderful family. We met the Genuis family a little earlier this year when Sarah and Emerson were married and here they are again with Emerson's family for a cute snowy photo shoot!

We have now finished our 2009 wedding year...we'll have the last wedding up here in just a couple of days. We've had a wonderful year and have had the opportunity to meet so many new people. What a rewarding career this is for David and is full of creativity, love, people and so many blessings. We are so excited for what 2010 will bring! Thanks for stopping by!