Friday, September 25, 2009

Stuart's New York Adventure.....

Stuart as you've probably guessed is our son...He is so cool...he's got his very own unique style...Stu style we like to call it. When we asked him where he would like to go for a vacation this year he said...."New York City"...we said "Sure!". Our adventure began with a visit to The Empire State building....we got there in time for no lineups yay!!....The Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge....then we just ventured around NYC....visiting Central Park, Canal Street and so many other places.
Here is Stu on the Brooklyn Bridge...just hanging out!
One of the places I wanted to check out was this vintage clothing store....well Stu was interested in buying a vintage bowtie....It was the perfect match for his hat!

Stu taking the Subway....Downtown....Under the Brooklyn Bridge here...Oh my goodness...any brides wanna go and do a shoot under the Bridge with is so amazing there!!

FAO Schwarz was at the Top of his list...Yes, it's fantastic in there and you could probably spend all day in there and spend all your money too!

The Empire State very big! The bottom picture is a view from the Empire State looking Downtown.Subway again...very loud down there...but really entertaining...saw this guy playing Michael Jackson on his saxaphone....he was really great!
Totally urban playground that we the Highline...Stu had some fun here!
Wow...what an adventure!! I loved that we got to hang out with one of our favorite people in the such a fantastic place! Many more NYC photos coming your way soon including a shoot from Brooklyn with Teddy!! Now I am off to prepare for a wedding....leave us a message if you've stopped by to check out the blog!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Oh my goodness...I love this city...sometimes I get more excited about it when I am back in Edmonton and realize that yes, I did just go to this amazing place of history and character!

I have this thing about minimalist photography right now so this is one of many images that speaks volumes to's in NYC one of the busiest places and here you barely see two sets of feet walking...almost running across the cross walk...I love it! It was so challenging to take photos in NYC and minimalist photos were even harder for me. So many people walking and bumping into you....I loved it!!
This picture of the hats is so New York....Hats are everywhere and I loved the display of all these can just imagine a story for every hat that is in there.....Imagine! I am almost ready to put up the mini shoot of Stuart in NYC and of Teddy...Wow...I've been up late every night editing and so excited to show everyone...just a wee bit longer!! Thanks for visiting!

Milne-Epp Family

The Milne-Epp Family....another one of my favorite families!! Having fun with this adorable family in Fort Edmonton Park! Here you go...enjoy the images.....Cute! Cute! Cute!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneak Peek....Stu in NYC

So much more to come...but here is a sneaky peek of Stu in NYC....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sadowski Family......

One of our favorite families on the planet!!! The Sadowski Family.....they came along for a wild evening of photos! We had a great time exploring downtown Edmonton and then out for some good old country fun!! I love that families make these memories and we get to be a part of it all. Enjoy....
Dan and Heather have four beautiful daughters and one fantastic case you're wondering about all the snuggles from this cute couple.

Nadia and Rob

Nadia is crazy about photos and crazy about Rob!! So we went for a little hike and took some amazing photos of this cute couple! You two were natural! I loved it! Enjoy....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kristan and Cory

Kristan and Cory....Congratulations...we had a blast with this fun group! Two people in love just about to start their lives together....does it get any better...sigh! Thanks for hanging out with us on your very special day! We loved it and hope you enjoy the images!