Sunday, June 28, 2009


This past week we had a chance to get away for a little backpacking with the kids. This was my very first time backpacking. Wow! What can I say...Jasper is beautiful all the time but this was something extra special. I felt like my senses were heightened...the sounds, sights and smells were so lovely to experience! David has been backpacking for years and I've always wanted to go but was a little busy with the that they have grown a bit we can experience this rugged, fresh, fun family time together! It was awesome!!

Our food for 3 days...Okay, we had a little more than is shown here.
Our water supply was from the river that surrounded us. We had to pump the water for 3 days...the kids kinda liked pumping the tasted great too....No beaver feaver here!
Our little home away from awesome. Our tent was right beside the rushing Athabasca River. There were no other campers anywhere. On our last day we had 4 hikers who stopped in and joined us for was nice to chat with them and hear a bit about their adventures from a little farther down the trail. Our hike was 6km in and 6km out...that was just enough for this first time backpacker....but I can't wait for the next hike!!