Friday, April 17, 2009


I remember my very first run. I was about 10 years old and my dad took me for a run. I begged him for this chance to run along side. He told me over and over, it's a long run and you'll be tired. I still begged for the chance. I remember thinking, it's not that hard. Every couple of minutes I would stop and say..."I can't go on, I can't do it!". My dad was so good. He just smiled and said you're almost done,come on, I know it's hard but keep going.

I didn't run again until high school. Yeah, it was a lesson that stayed with me for a very long time. Now, after three children and really no running since high school I've decided this is something I want to do. David and I purchased a treadmill for Christmas...that was our gift to each other. I stared running in December determined to stay with it this time. Well now it's April and amazingly, I have been running every other day since December. This is no easy task though...I love and hate the treadmill. It takes time out of my day, I have to prepare for the run, water, i-pod, running outfit, runners...time, oh yeah, time.

The run begins, then, five minutes in I am thinking. "Okay, five min...I can do this". 10 minutes in, "ready to quit...legs are okay but my throat is getting really dry". My body is starting to feel the run. My mind is telling me.."it's okay if you don't make the 3 mile mark today, really Julie, there is always tomorrow....just give up!" 2 miles into the run I find my groove, my runners high...which, I thought was going to last me the rest of my run. Nope, it lasts a few minutes...back to battling with my mind. Then, I feel the little bead of sweat trickling down my forehead...then the bead runs down my back. Yes, that little bead just gave me the motivation to keep going, I am going to make it...I can make it.

I finally make it the 3 mile mark and I feel great! I feel so good being able to accomplish this personal goal. I have great respect for my dad who has always been a runner and athlete. He is over 60 now and still runs. There are others in my life who inspire me and even a few of our brides...some who have been running a long time and others that I know of are just starting out like me but I am inspired by their spirit too. It takes so much determination to keep going everyday. I never knew how much until I started to run!

Keep going, keep pushing...this has inspired me in other areas of my life that I am only now starting to realize.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Baby Brooklynn...what a cutie!! I love how when babies are sleeping they are all cuddles and Brooklynn certainly was. After a short little nap....during the shoot... She was all smiles for us. I had a lovely time meeting Brooklynn and her mom...Enjoy!